Snacking urges often come from these common roots, so keep these triggers in mind:

Avoid the Sugar Monster!

Well , Hanukkah and Christmas are over, but lots of folks are still either traveling or spending extra time around family this week.

1) Dehydration/under-drinking water
Dehydration can trigger food cravings, and it’s common for your brain to turn to food when you’re actually thirsty, not hungry. Be sure to drink enough water, and if an urge for junk food strikes, drink a big glass of water first.
2) Poor sleep
Fatigue and under-sleeping can cause food cravings. Do your best to get to bed at a reasonable hour, and stay away from screen time two hours before bed.
3) Under-eating protein
High-carb, low-protein eating will put you on the rollercoaster of blood sugar high, then crash. A low blood sugar crash will trigger cravings, and trying to make smart food choices when you’re not thinking straight is almost impossible. Eat protein with every meal and snack, and stick to high-fiber/whole grain carbs whenever possible.
4) Distraction-seeking (see the How To Stop Stress Eating guidebook in Sugar Free Me)
Very often we develop the unconscious habit of reaching for food as a distraction any time we feel an unpleasant emotion. Holiday time is prime time for family stress, loneliness, fatigue, and overwhelm. If you get a craving, take a moment to decide if you’re actually hungry, or if you’re trying to distract yourself with food.

Next time I’ll be sharing some advice about New Years resolutions and breaking bad habits, so stay tuned.
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Dan DeFeo